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Alin in 1999
Oh, yeah, that's me in 1999...
Shame I cut my ponny tail, isn't it? ;-)
Aspiring to become American
And so I started dreaming the American dream

Alin Constantin at home
Guess what, it's me again. This time at home.

Alin Constantin close-up
A more recent close-up...

Alin de-bugging SourceSafe.jpg
Did I mentioned SourceSafe had lots of bugs
before I started working at Microsoft?
Alin's best friend?
My best friend? Well, not quite.
The college dreaming days are over, only nice pictures remain...

After shipping Visual Studio .NET
The sheriff is back in town

Portrait of Alin Constantin
And here's a nice portrait of me (c)KollerStudios

Alin Constantin's pictureAlin Constantin's picture Constantin Alin's pictureConstantin Alin's picture