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=== What's new in WinCheat v1.7 build 4680 ==================================

 [+] High DPI support
 [*] New logo and icons
 [-] Cannot launch help from system menu on Windows 8
 [*] Solution and projects in sources are upgraded to Visual Studio 2012 format
 [*] Setup project is converted to InstallShield format

=== History of changes ======================================================

1.6 build 4279

 [-] Fixed cursor display in magnifier for 16x16 cursors (black rectangle)
 [*] Solution and projects in sources are in Visual Studio 2010 format

1.6 build 3140

 [+] Process and thread information is now displayed for windows
 [+] Ability to filter the windows hierarchy based on process ID
 [+] Message-only windows are now displayed in window hierarchy tree (required different way to enumerate them)
 [+] Distinct overlay icon is used for message-only windows in the hierarchy tree
 [*] WPF windows are now shown in hierarchy tree with distinct icons
 [*] Some windows had parent set, but could not be enumerated as children of their parent, causing the tree to change length if invisible windows were hidden then shown back. They are now displayed as children all the time
 [*] Solution and projects in sources are upgraded to Visual Studio 2008 format
 [-] WinCheatHook.dll was installed even when only sources were installed
 [-] Highlight button in windows hierarchy page remained enabled after refresh if a window of a terminated process was selected before refresh

1.5 build 2468

 [-] Image capture does not work on Vista when Aero Glass is enabled (delay capture could be used as workaround)
 [-] WinCheatInstallUnicode.vdproj.vspscc is installed even when sources are not installed

1.5 build 2145

 [*] WinCheat window will now be hidden during rectangle capture. Keep Shift key pressed when selecting the capture menu if you want to keep WinCheat visible during rectangle capture
 [-] WinCheat could fail to run on Windows XP because of missing MFC 8.0 dependency (thanks Mariano López for reporting)
 [-] Removed ANSI configuration, as installer requires Windows Installer 3.1 which is not available for Windows 9x systems
 [*] Added Windows Installer 3.1 as pre-requisite to setup, such that installer could download it automatically if needed
1.5 build 2135

 [+] Extended capture is now possible from windows created by WindowsForms
 [*] Windows created by WindowsForms are displayed differently in WindowsHierarchy page
 [-] Toolbox.jpg was missing if WinCheat sources were installed
 [-] If sources were rebound to source control, the help file become pending add or was added to source control, causing further build errors

1.5 build 2121

 [*] Solution and projects in sources are in Visual Studio 2005 format
 [*] Help files converted to CHM-format instead of WinHelp
 [*] Newer style for capture SaveAs dialog
 [*] Saving images as bitmaps is done respecting the Display's color mode (palette, true color)
 [*] Usability: Swithing to WindowsHierarchy page doesn't update the view if the selected window doesn't exist in the tree, requiring a manual refresh, which collapses all nodes (I hate this!)
 [*] Removed the unused Monitor Window Creation option in WindowsHierarchy page (decided not to implement it, now that Refreshing hierarchy usability is better)
 [-] Web color is not displayed in hexa for RGB=(221,221,221)
 [-] Using the Tray mode and Run at startup may expose a security issue
 [-] After selectting a message like WM_COPY in Actions page, tabbing out and back in changes the message name
 [-] Saving captured text from a Unicode window only saves half the text
 [-] On Windows XP, extended capture from ListViews in Report mode created by applications that don't use themes/CommCtl6 captures only first column
 [-] Copy to clipboard images captured in 16-bpp Display mode (default Terminal Services sessions) doesn't work correctly 
 [-] Copy to clipboard images captured in 8-bpp Display mode crashes Wincheat
 [-] Hiding invisible windows in WindowsHierarchy page does not cause anymore Access violation in comctl32.dll

1.4 build 1140

 [+] Save captured images as PNG files (images captured that don't contain pictures are in general smaller when saved as png than jpg)
 [*] JPG support from Intel's IJL library was replaced with JpegLib from Independent JPEG Group - now WinCheat can be recompiled with Jpeg support without having to accept additional license terms
 [*] When a captured text or bitmap is saved to a file, the file name is set into the clipboard to speed up opening of a file in a better editor, etc.
 [-] If Microsoft Magnifier's hook dll is used once to track the mouse, the mouse cannot be tracked again without restarting WinCheat. WinCheat will now try to copy at runtime its own magnifier hook dll to system directory if the file is not there
 [-] WinCheat sources cannot be compiled clean with VisualStudio .NET 2003 (BS_TYPEMASK is redefined)
 [-] License files are missing from the sources installed, but are referenced as solution items

1.3 build 827

 [+] License file is now displayed by the Installer application
 [-] Web color (in Magnifier tab) displays BGR instead of RGB color value (thanks Cristian Salvan for reporting)
 [-] Bitmap capture does not work for WinCheat's main window when the capture is delayed - get error message "The selected window is hidden"
 [-] If a bitmap is captured and the Copy button is pressed twice, the data in the clipboard is lost and the zoom stops working in the preview window

1.3 build 685

 [+] Save as JPEG for captured images
 [*] Bitmap capture for menus (delayed capture)	 
 [-] Extended capture from a SysTreeView32 is not working fine on Unicode
 [-] Control Ex-styles are shown as numbers instead of their name for listviews, etc.
 [-] The sources installed are missing a text file (which wasn't necessary anyway)
 [-] The solution cannot be built if the path contains spaces (like in "C:\Program Files\WinCheat 1.2\WinCheat.sln")
 [-] Extended capture is allowed for ownerdraw controls without xxx_HASSTRINGS style, and it displays garbage characters
 [-] On WindowsXP, extended capture from listviews in Details mode captures only the first column

1.2 build 607

 [+] Suport for Windows 98 and Millennium Edition. On Win98SE/ME, WinCheat.exe cannot be run twice in a row without restarting the computer. Also, property pages for items in WindowsExplorer cause crashes after running WinCheat
 [+] Support for visual themes on WindowsXP (XP look)
 [+] Unicode support for NT/W2k/XP
 [*] Improved installer program, with option to install sources
 [*] New VisualStudio 7.0 solution/projects for sources
 [*] Display cursor position and the color description(RGB) for pixel under the cursor in magnifier page
 [-] Closing Wincheat when minimized is saving invalid window position, resulting in opening WinCheat full-screen next time
 [-] Other small bugfixes

1.1 build 458

 [-] Opening and closing WindowStyles dialog clears the fields in WindowInfo page if the selected window was not selected using the mouse (drag & drop the cross)
 [-] WinCheat crashes on Win2000 if extended text capture is attempted from listviews whose items' lengths are greater than 64 characters (e.g. listview in AdministrativeTools/ Services)
 [-] Keeping down arrow pressed in window hierarchy's tree while browsing the hierarchy fills in the history of selected windows from WindowInfo page
 [*] Capture hook timeout can be altered by modifying a registry value

1.1 build 453

 [+] A magnifier feature, allowing to display the grid lines for easy pixel-counting
 [+] A setup program
 [+] Easy-selection mode (tray mode)
 [+] Preserving window position, some other settings
 [+] Extended capture mode for controls (listboxes, comboboxes, listviews, treeviews, sysheaders, tabcontrols, statusbars, dialogs)
 [*] Minimize is now available in normal mode	
 [*] Added tooltips for icon buttons
 [*] Copy button for window text was added to info page
 [*] Tab_order was added to info page
 [*] Result is displayed now for messages sent/posted
 [-] Control specific messages are not available in the message list in Actions page
 [-] Should the hook code been buggy, it could have hung WinCheat during text capture
 [-] Search buttons' icons cannot be viewed correctly on NT4 (too many colors)
 [-] If a style is added to a window and applied, then the style is removed without quitting the WindowStyles property page, the Apply button will not change the styles to the original value
 [-] Changing the styles of a window does not update the styles fields when the WindowStyles dialog is closed
 [-] The help topic for “Displaying and Changing window styles” cannot be found in the help file
 [-] The help cannot be accessed using F1 key

1.0 final build 373

 [+] Captured bitmaps can be zoomed up to 8 times in the preview window
 [+] Windows can be searched by title, class or handle
 [-] If Window's color scheme is changed to alter the window background, the icons in WindowsHierarchy property page appear on a white background
 [-] WinCheat cannot be started on NT4. Access violation "The instruction at 0x00000046 accessed memory at 0x00000046. The memory could not be read" when ::PropertySheet() is called
 [-] On Win98SE/IE6, using the PickWindow cursor to select the window cause access violation in WinCheat.exe
 [-] If a big bitmap (that will require both horz. and vert. scrollbar) is captured, you cannot show the bottom of the bitmap by scrolling vertically to the end
 [-] Bitmap capture window appears in the taskbar during capture
 [-] Code tide up (few GDI leaks, uninitialized variables)
 [-] If a window is minimized the user isn't told so
 [-] Capture window height/width is too small (the taskbar area could not be captured)
 [-] Cannot capture rectangle in dual-monitor configurations from the secondary monitor
 [-] Window selection cross cannot be seen on a window with black background
 [-] Off-by-one error in bitmap preview window (display, scrolling)
 [-] The FontInfo dialog had disabled system menu items visible
 [-] The WindowStyles property sheet did not have an icon
 [-] The combobox on WindowStyles property sheet did not processed ESC/TAB when was dropped down
 [-] WinCheatHook.dll and JkNSViews.dll don't have proper version information set

1.0 beta build 354

 [+] Bitmap Capture
 [+] Font informations about the selected window
 [+] Added Help menu item in system menu. Disabled items were removed from system menu
 [*] Improved contact info in About box dialog
 [*] Easier way to navigate through related window (parent, next, prev, child)
 [*] Copy to clipboard and Save to file for captured text and bitmaps
 [-] Resizing WinCheat makes the text in comboboxes from the Actions page selected, when the comboboxes don't have focus; we could end up with 2 controls having blue-selected text
 [-] Windows hierarchy tree does not allow right-click selection changes
 [-] If the selected window is invisible, the Highlight buttons are enabled. Highlighting an invisible window is stupid!
 [-] The styles for SysDateTimePick32 (DTS_TIMEFORMAT) are shown differently in WindowInfo and StylesDetail
 [-] If main window cannot be created, and returns an error code, the application remains loaded in memory and running
 [-] Project file settings contain invalid include directive
 [-] If the window style dialog is displayed for a window, and the window is closed, trying to close the proppage from the X button gives "Cannot set window styles"
 [-] On Win98, WindowHierarchy property page displays only the desktop window
 [-] Help file contains include directive to a Microsoft file, having the full-path specified
 [-] Controls having multiline text with lines separated only by CR were not displayed in capture window as seen on screen in captured control
 [-] Help file cannot be compiled on NT4 "afxdlg.rtf corrupted at offset 437"

1.0 beta build 243

 [-] Client and window rectangles fields displayed crossed coordinates
 [-] Build number was not included in About box
 [-] Controls on Actions prop. page were enabled when selected window was 0x0000000
 [-] Some controls looked enabled, but their action was not implemented (e.g. Cross bitmap on Actions page)
 [*] Cancel button in WindowStyles restore old styles after a change
 [-] After modifying window styles and failing to apply changes (e.g password windows, setting without hook on w2k), the Apply button remain disabled 
 [-] Wincheat had no icon (default MFC was used)
 [*] The user is not allowed anymore to do actions against hung/debugged windows

1.0 beta build 241

 [*] First public release

==== Known bugs, etc =========================================================
Will be fixed in next version:
Will not be fixed:
 [-] Saving captured images in 8-bpp mode as bitmaps needs to be done before other window realizes a different palette, otherwise captured colors are not respected
 [-] Installing WinCheat on Vista warns about "Untrusted Publisher". Authenticode requires signing the binaries with a trusted certificate, and I don't have money and time for this. Read more about Authenticode at
Not bugs, by design:
 [-] In Magnifier, when mouse is tracked, holding the mouse over the color-info fields might cause the magnifier window to flicker 2 times per second
 [-] Images captured in one display color depth cannot be saved as bitmaps after display's color depth is changed