Media Catalog
Copyright  Alin Constantin, based on a program by Tim Sneath

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[ * Improved/changed feature ]
[ - Bug fixed (I hope)       ]

=== What's new in Media Catalog v1.1 released 05/28/2010 ====================

 [-] Fixed exporting the media information to xml requiring to select an existing file
 [*] Added Refresh button to search again the previously selected folder
 [+] Added color legend dialog
 [*] Sources upgraded to VS 2010

=== History of changes ======================================================

1.0 released 10/24/2007

 [-] Crash when fixing attributes of file with name like "File.mp3" that had title set to "FILE..."
 [*] Fixing filename uses the author in "XX Author - Title.mp3" if the parent folder does not match album name
 [-] Crash when right clicking a column title
 [*] Workaround Samba bug that caused mp3 files to be listed by a "dir *" but not by "dir *.mp3"
 [*] Added fixing progress counter

1.0 released 10/18/2007

 [-] Crash when fixing attributes of file with "XX Title.ext" format
 [*] Browse for folder dialog now has editable field allowing to type the path

1.0 released 10/11/2007

 [*] Recognizing formats "XX Title.ext" and "XX Artist - Title.ext" as valid
 [+] Ability to ignore files inconsistencies
 [+] Open file location, play file, etc.
 [+] Displaying file's identification attributes (groupid, etc) and allowing to clear them
 [*] Clear attributes, copy album author from artist, etc.
1.0 released 09/23/2007

 [*] First public release

==== Known bugs, etc =========================================================
Will be fixed in next version:
Will not be fixed:
Not bugs, by design: